3 Jan 2019

University of Arizona Museum of Art Exhibit

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Bycatch exhibit 2018-2019 UAMA (photo credit: Tim Fuller)
Bycatch exhibit 2018-2019 UAMA (photo credit: Tim Fuller)

The 6&6 art-science exhibit at the University of Arizona Museum of Art is up through March 31, 2019. My collaboration with Maria Johnson, Bycatch, is included in this exhibit.

4 Oct 2018

Fort Collins Book Fest: October 19 and 20

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I’ll be in Colorado at the Fort Collins Book Fest later this month, where on October 20 I’ll lead a “Walking and Writing Place” workshop with Michael McLane and then be part of a panel called “A Good Earth is Hard to Find” with Susan A. Shriner, Gillian Bowser, Sam Kean, and moderator John Calderazzo.

1 Apr 2018

Sessions at 2018 AAG

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I will contribute to a number of teaching-related sessions at the American Association of Geographers (AAG) conference in April 2018 in New Orleans. I am presenting a paper (“Southwestern Road Trip as Experiential Field Course”) in the “Experiential Learning in Geography Education” session on Tuesday, 10 April. I am also part of a panel on “Building the Geo-Humanities” on Friday, 13 April. On Saturday, 14 April, I am the discussant for a session on “Place-Based Pedagogy and Learning.”

16 Jan 2018
4 Mar 2017
2 Feb 2017

Bycatch Exhibit at University of Arizona Museum of Art

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February 4 through April 2, 2017
Opening Reception: Thursday, February 9, 5:00-7:00 pm



more exhibit info here

7 Oct 2016

Conferences and Presentations in Calgary, Portland, and Flagstaff

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I’ve been up in Canada and the Pacific Northwest giving presentations at two conferences in late September/early October: the Under Western Skies Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, and the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers Meeting in Portland, Oregon.

On Saturday 10/15, I’ll be at the Northern Arizona Book Festival in Flagstaff, taking part in a University of Arizona Press reading at Barefoot Cowgirl Books, 18 N. San Francisco St., from 3-4 pm.

31 May 2016

Poetry and Climate Change at Hotel Congress: Wednesday, July 20, 2016

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At the Copper Room of Tucson’s Hotel Congress on Wednesday, July 20, 2016, 5:30pm to 7:00pm

Whitman Circle: Poetry and Climate Change Event


4 Mar 2016

A Celebration of the Poetry and Natural History of the Sonoran Desert

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This Sunday, March 6 at the Desert Museum!

RSVP Here.


30 Jul 2015

Full Moon Festival at the Desert Museum

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I’ll be at the Full Moon Festival at the Desert Museum this Saturday, August 1, reading poetry along with winners of the Coati Kids Earth Day poetry contest. The reading’s at 8:00, and events and activities—including a blacklight poetry hunt—begin at 5:00 and continue through 10:00.