20 Oct 2020
5 Aug 2020

Bioscience article on Art-Sci collaborations

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“6&6: A Transdisciplinary Approach to Art–Science Collaboration,” an article about our project that brought 6 artists and 6 scientists together for art-sci collaboration around the Sonoran Desert and Gulf of California, is now published in Bioscience.

3 Jun 2020
29 Feb 2020

Climate Geopoetics article in Dialogues in Human Geography

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The “online first” version of a new article, “Climate geopoetics (the earth is a composted poem)” is published in Dialogues in Human Geography. See the abstract and article here.

16 Jan 2020
10 Jan 2020

Earth Matters: Connecting to Non-Humans in the Borderlands

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I joined host Kevin Bixby and UTEP history doctoral candidate Ligia Arguilez on the radio show Earth Matters this week. Ligia is doing fascinating research on the creosote and its stories. You can listen to the full conversation here.

20 Dec 2019

A poem in Carbon Copy: a new journal of climate science and the literary arts

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The new journal Carbon Copy bills itself as “a journal at the intersection of climate science and the literary arts.” I’m grateful to have a poem in its inaugural issue. The poem is titled “In the Anthropocene, there can be no climate in the old sense; only weathercultures, with people acting as weatherculturalists.” The poem’s title is a direct quote from Mike Hulme, from his book Weathered: Cultures of Climate.

You can find the journal’s homepage here, and the poem here.

16 Nov 2019

Literary Inventory of Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks

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The “Literary Inventory of Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks” is now live in the fifteenth issue of Spiral Orb. It gathers more than fifty contributors who have written poems or prose addressed to species who live in the region of southern New Mexico in and around the new monument, which was established by President Obama in 2014.

To read the introduction to the inventory and the poems, visit Spiral Orb here.

28 Jul 2019

Various Instructions

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Thanks to Anna Lena Phillips Bell, editor of Ecotone, for reprinting “Various Instructions for the Practice of Poetic Field Research” in Ecotone’s Spring/Summer 2019 issue.

Anna Lena writes, “With this issue we debut a new department, Various Instructions, in which writers and artists will offer lists, prompts, formulas, how-to’s, and the like. We’re reprinting here the inspiration for it: Eric Magrane’s ‘Various Instructions for the Practice of Poetic Field Research.”

You can read “Various Instructions for the Practice of Poetic Field Research” here, and Anna Lena’s “Venerable Instructions,” where she introduces the new department of the journal, here.

14 Jun 2019

Two for Antipode

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Sarah de Leeuw and I wrote a chapter on geopoetics for Antipode’s new book Keywords in Radical Geography: Antipode at 50. The whole book is free to access and download here.

Also in Antipode: I recently reviewed the book Ecopoetics: Essays in the Field (University of Iowa Press, 2018), edited by Angela Hume and Gillian Osborne. The review is available here.